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Clubs are a great way to make new friends with similar interests. They offer an opportunity to learn, work in teams, enhance your Cégep experience. As we are coping with the pandemic, many students are finding it difficult to branch out and meet new people at John Abbott, but look no further! Joining a club is one of the best ways to do just that! 


Anime Club is a club dedicated to helping students socialize with other students who share an interest in anime, manga, as well as other Japanese media.

Arts & Crafts

Black Student Union

Are you a person who cares about issues regarding the Black community? Do you want to raise awareness about these issues at school? Do you want to educate yourself on Black history and culture? If yes, then Black Student Union is the club for you! We welcome everyone regardless of race/ethnicity and are open to all your ideas. We are dedicated to amplifying Black and POC voices in a predominantly White institution, as well as raising awareness about social issues concerning the Black community. Come make a difference at JAC with us! 

Bandersnatch Newspaper

Spirit Team

The Spirit Team is John Abbott College's cheerleaders! These are trying and unpredictable times, but we are dedicated to making it a little happier for both members of the team and our community. At our semiweekly practices (Sunday on campus from 9:00-11:00 am and Wednesday on Zoom from 6:00-6:40 pm), we train like competitive cheerleaders and learn choreography, chants and jumps. Outside of our practices, we plan to volunteer in our community once a month, and if COVID doesn't worsen, we would like to plan socially distanced events for the JAC community (think Pep Rally, Movie Night, etc.). A lot is "up in the air" right now because it is hard to know what's in store for us, but what is for certain is that this club will always be a safe place to hopefully bring a smile to your face! We will be holding tryouts in October for those who are interested in joining. Follow @jac.spirit on Instagram for updates on the dates of our next tryouts! 

** All genders are welcome! <3


MEDLIFE or Medicine, Education Development for Low-Income Communities Everywhere is a non-profit organization that works toward accessible healthcare and education for low-income communities in Latin-America and Africa. We are also very active in our local communities, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have very successful fundraising campaigns and are working with local organizations to provide better access to vital treatments such as flu shots. "The weekly meeting are very fun and motivating. They are an amazing way to connect with others especially during these difficult times. I was able to make friends with other first year students since it's so hard meeting people during online classes"

Smash Bros Club

Book Club

Are you a certified bookworm? Do you want to meet fellow lit-lovers? Or are you simply hoping to read more? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, then the Book Club is THE club for YOU! The first student-led Book Club is an opportunity to connect meaningfully with other students (who are just as passionate about books as you are!). Together, we will discover new books with different genres every month. Our goal is to inspire students to diversify their readings, and to have engaging discussions with each other. Gather some sweets, a cup of tea, and let's discuss books! Our online book club takes place on Teams once every two weeks, at 5:30. We're looking forward to meeting you :-) Join us on Teams: tsu3gxl Follow us on Instagram @jacbookclub !

Free the Children (WE)

Christian Fellowship Club


Matzah ball soup, challah, hummus, and latkes!

Now that we have your attention, Hillel John Abbott invites YOU to join all of the exciting and fun (virtual) opportunities we have planned for this school year! If you’ve ever wanted to meet new people, learn more about Judaism with the coolest Rabbi this side of MTL (he rides a Harley… just saying) and help organize fun events, then Hillel John Abbott is the perfect club for you! Hillel John Abbott works closely and is heavily associated with all other Montreal CEGEP Hillels. You can expect plenty of collaborative virtual events and opportunities - all via Zoom. These include volunteer opportunities, Israeli advocacy workshops, trivia nights, and much, much more! If you’re a John Abbott student and are looking to get involved, contact our Hillel John Abbott President Gabriel Medvedovsky for more information. We can’t wait to see you there!


Law and Debate Club

Through this club, we wish to connect as many students as possible in a social environment where they will find people who share their interests and inquiries on the subject of law. We want to help people choose their professional careers by providing them with the information and the help needed to succeed while having a good time during their CEGEP years. We wish to have our members participate in many debates and mock trials within and with other CEGEPs to get a feeling of what it is like to be a lawyer and to improve their public speaking and debating skills for the future. We wish for this club to become the meeting point for people who want to have discussions and debates about all sorts of topics with other people who will be open to discourse and a place where people will learn about what it is like to be an attorney.

Muslim Student Association (MSA)

Hi there! We are a chapter of here at JAC and we are all about spreading awareness about mental health, breaking the stigma surrounding mental illness, and learning about mental wellness! If you are passionate about mental health, interested in mental health related disorders, or want to work on your mental wellness, then this is the club for you! During each virtual meeting every week, there is always a new activity that we do, whether it be learning about coping skills for stress and mental health difficulties, checking out the warning signs of someone who is struggling with their mental health, or just taking the meeting time to relax and destress using different methods! This semester, meetings are every Monday at 5:30pm on Teams (code: 1et8li0). Type in the code on Teams and you should find out group! Or, send me (Maia Zauner) a Mio with your name and I'll add you! You can reach any of the 3 leaders, Paria Namazi, Dhyana Ruiz Fuentes or myself, anytime for a non-judgmental chat! We hope to (virtually) see you soon!

Photography Club

JAC Harvest


At JAC VOBOC, we are a community of like-minded students who want to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients. We mainly accomplish this through various fundraising events, awareness campaigns and volunteering. This year, we are working with VOBOC (Venturing Out Beyond Cancer), an organization that shares our goals and values. This semester won't be run as usual, but we still plan on organizing fundraisers and social events to help students develop a community network through these difficult times. Additionally, we will continue to provide various volunteering opportunities with our club members. Join one of our meetings this semester and you might even get to see a special guest speaker to learn something new about the world of cancer whether that is on a biological level or on a social level.

Vegan Club

Join the JAC Vegan Club! 

We believe in animal rights, health and justice for the environment! Whether you're vegan, vegetarian, thinking of going vegan or just curious about what veganism is all about, come talk to us Teams every Thursday at 6pm! 

You can expect fun and heated debates about vegan-related topics, picnics, special guest speakers, movie nights, recipe sharing and activism events! We're also planning on creating a fundraiser cookbook with the club's favourite vegan recipes to raise money for vegan-friendly organizations! 

We hope to see you there!

Robotics Club


Club description

Space Club

Space Club is a club oriented around the topics of Space and astronomy. We set up projects and events related to things such as Astronomy and Rocketry. Some of the activities we have planned this semester include going to the Planetarium and/or Cosmodome, building a telescope, building and launching a model rocket, stargazing/observation nights, professional lectures about the different topics and branches of astronomy, and co-planning and co-hosting an online event in affiliation with RASC. If you have an interest in astronomy, we're here to encourage and build that passion. Hope to see you soon!


Bullet Journaling

The Bullet Journal club is a space for people who love or are interested in using a Bullet Journal: an analog, customizable and creative organisational tool for keeping track of assignments, personal goals, habits, mental health and more. The club partakes in discussing new bullet journal trends, finding art and stationery supplies, testing the best organisation methods, watching bullet journal youtubers and creating lasting friendships.


Concert Band

A music ensemble of woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments. We hold practices once a week where we would practice a variety of different kinds of musical arrangements for this kind of band. We would improve our playing skills to the point where we can perform publicly around the school and possibly in other locations. We provide a musical outlet where student musicians can feel at ease and pursue their passion. 


Our mission is to work on these issues in order to set a positive example for all John Abbott attendees and beyond. ECO-JAC focuses mainly on addressing the relationship between climate change and social injustice. Simultaneously, it focuses on bringing people together for the future betterment of everyone

Cooking Club

Students come together to learn how to cook, share recipes and the love of food.


We are a group with a passion to play a variety of board games and card games while making new friends

Dance Club

Have fun learning many styles of dance 26% creating choreographs.

2$ fee

Kpop Dance

Join the Kpop movement and share the love for Korean music and dance.

2$ fee

Locus Magazine

Locus is a literary journal produced by students and is launched at the end of every semester. If you would like to take part in the production of this journal, then become one of our editors and participate in this semesters edition of Locus

OAC - Hiking and Camping

Pagan Club

The purpose of the Pagan Club is to bring like-minded students together as well as educating the community. Activities include group discussions, outings, workshops and possible volunteer work.

Queer Hub

Welcome to one of the LGBTQ+ community's many pages. Safety, respect, and self-acceptance are values we encourage and promote as an all inclusive community. All are welcome to our club room - a safe place for all.

Asian Club

Rock Climbing Club

Welcome to one of the LGBTQ+ community's mLearn about rock climbing and bouldering indoor and outdoor! One outdoor rock climbing trip per semester. Safety, respect, and self-acceptance are values we encourage and promote as an all inclusive community. All are welcome to our club room - a safe place for all.

10$ fee

CSKY Radio

We are an in-house music station for students and staff. We are heard throughout the college while learning how to run a radio station.

JAC Equalist Alliance

To create awareness around our school that systemic discrimination in our society is still happening and how, together, we can create a more equal community.

Couldn't find the club for you? Create your own! Drop by P-101.

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