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The Student Union

of John Abbott College
Our Mission

Our mission here at SUJAC is…

  • To provide our members with committed student representation;

  • To promote and protect the rights of our members;

  • To encourage participation in student clubs and activities to enhance student development.

We are therefore committed to…

  • Acting on behalf of our members as student advocates in grievance cases;

  • Participating in the college’s decision making process, especially the responsible allocation of student funds;

  • Overseeing student clubs and organizations through the Student Activity Committee;

  • Promoting the interests of our students through student representation on decision-making committees at the college.


The Executives are six students who were elected by Congress in April of the previous academic year. The Executive is composed of a President and five Vice-Presidents: the VP Internal, the VP Academic, the VP Finance, the VP External and the VP Communications.



  • are responsible for the daily business of the Student Union.

  • act as spokespeople for the opinions and concerns of the student body.

  • put all decisions made by Congress into action, and report back to Congress on a regular basis with their progress.

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What We Do

The Student Union performs three main duties for John Abbott students:

We assist students like you when you feel that your rights have not been respected.

We manage your student fees, funding the projects and services you count on.

We offer you a variety of opportunities to become an involved John Abbott student.

Who is a member?

All full-time John Abbott students are members of SUJAC. However, these students are represented by approximately 45 Congress seats (each seat representing around 125 students) and six Executives.


Congress is the decision-making body of the Student Union. Congress is composed of approximately 45 seats.


  • represent the interests of students on college committees.

  • conduct surveys and petitions to determine student opinion.

Nomination period is here!

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Take Action

Elected official or not, you can participate in shaping John Abbott College.

Learn in detail how SUJAC works:

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