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SUJAC Executives


Meet Your Executive Team

Ivana Riveros Arteaga President

Ivana Riveros Arteaga

President of SUJAC 2021-2022

As a queer, latina woman, Ivana has always been passionate about human rights, motivating her to join the Black Student Union and creating the Jac Equalist Alliance. Loving public speaking, teamwork and leadership, she cannot wait to see you all next semester!

Allegra Kastner
VP Internal

Allegra Kastner

VP Internal of SUJAC 2021-2022

Hey everyone my name is Allegra and I am so excited to be your next VP Internal! When I’m not busy with school I love to paint, go out with my friends, experiment with fashion and binge whatever anime I’m watching. Please don’t hesitate to talk to me, I love meeting new people!

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Gracie Diabo
VP Academic

Gracie Diabo

VP Academic of SUJAC 2021-2022

Gracie is a second year Double Dec (Science and Social Science) student. She is involved in numerous committees and likes to volunteer on & off campus. She often works with the Indigenous Student Resource Centre including the ReconciliACTION committee. Outside of school, she enjoys staying active by going to the gym or paddling, hanging out with friends and learning new things. She looks forward to meeting & helping students this year as VP Academic!


Sabrina Goriani
VP External

Sabrina Goriani

VP External of SUJAC 2021-2022

Sabrina is a second year Honours Social Science student at John Abbott College. She would like to pursue a career in Law specializing in human rights and social justice. Sabrina is also continuing her work with JACMUN, as well as the Harassment Awareness Committee. Off campus, she plays intercity soccer as a goalie, and occasionally helps volunteer in her community. Sabrina strongly believes that, as a society, we must help each other to grow together.

Richie Tan
VP Finance

Richie Tan

VP Finance of SUJAC 2021-2022

Richie is going into his second year in honours social science, commerce profile. Besides schoolwork and SUJAC, he is involved in soccer outside of school and he plays for the men’s volleyball team here at Abbott. He is looking to go into business or political science in university. Richie wishes you all a safe and successful semester!

Dante Meldrum
VP Communications

Dante Meldrum

VP Communications of SUJAC 2021-2022

Dante is going into his third year of Police Technology. He is passionate about raising awareness for mental health and has help create the Animal Lovers Club here at JAC. Outside of school, he spends his time at the gym or with his puppy. He wishes you a great semester and to remember his door and inbox are always open!


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